Found on the Mobile Web #22

In the last Found on the Mobile Web I listed Surf Europe‘s mobile site. I was impressed with the visual design of that site which was created by Mowave. In the post I mentioned that I needed to do some research to find more Mowave sites. Kjeld Kahn at Mowave saved me some time by emailing a link to company’s own portal at which links to all their sites. Besides Surf Europe I’ve also covered Mowave’s Daily Mirror in another issue of FOTMW.

 OnboardI’ve added the following Mowave sites to the portal and Wapreview directory in the categories listed in bold. These sites not only look good but they work well and on every handset and emulator that I tried including wml-only devices. Of course, users of wml handsets won’t get the color and layout candy but they will see the full text and also the images if their handset supports them.


Onboard ( covers the sport of snowboarding with images, news, results and event listings from the world of competitive snowboarding.

Inside Edge ( Mobile magazine on sports and the game of Poker. Has poker playing tips and coverage of World Series of Poker profession matches. Also sports features which currently include pieces on Cricket and Football aka Soccer.

Kingpin ( Skateboarding magazine with interviews of top skaters, event calendars and results, news and gossip.

Cooler ( is an active sports magazine for young women. Covers skiing, snowboarding, cycling, roller blading, skateboarding, rock climbing, mountain boarding and other outdoor adventure sports.

Technology/Tech News ( is a gadget site covering electronic gizmos including mp3 players, video gear, mobile phones and in the latest edition, Mecanno’s wifi controlled robot kit. There are also 40 free video reviews which are in .3gp format and average a reasonable 220 kb in size.


Maxim “mens” magazine’s mobile site ( Features include jokes, dating advice, gadget and car reviews and lots of pictures of young women in bikinis. There are videos on this site too but they aren’t free. ( Lifestyle magazine for gay men and women. Travel articles, entertainment reviews and news. Pinup wallpapers and videos for purchase.


Evo ( an automotive fan site. Reviews of the latest dream machines and some cars that regular folks drive. News of upcoming new models and industry gossip.

Poker Player ( ) an online mobile magazine for players and fans of the game of poker. Coverage of professional poker tournaments and tips to help you become a better player.


Mowave ( The Mowave homepage showcases all the sites the company has built for clients and also has a few free downloadable movie trailers in .3gp format.

2 thoughts on “Found on the Mobile Web #22

  1. While the mobile web is still new, there are some good people out there creating some good websites. I really dont like googles attempt at a mobile browser. Just going to on your cell will bring up googles mobile web version of the search engine which lacks the jump to page feature. This is very annoying because if you wanted to start searching where you left off the other day, you will have to go through every page of results. This is very expensive and i wish they would change it.

  2. Great finds once again Dennis.
    Speaking of mobile websites, we are having a contest over at
    Submit your top 5 mobile websites, and you can win $100 via Paypal. The first 20 entrants get a free t-shirt (if you enter now you can still get one). I have a feeling the WAPReview readers might do well here.


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