4 thoughts on “Morange’s All in One Mobile App Includes A Browser

  1. Morange (operated by Mozat) took the money I loaded on my account and refused to pay it back when it was not used. They are nice to deal with as long as you send them your money… Don’t rely on them when you are in need…

  2. Thanks for the review :). Even though symbian has much better alternatives for IM, i still have a copy of Morange app file on my phone. When someone with a java phone, needs an IM, i can offer them something more than an IM ;).

  3. And by the way, their another app like this named Mobii. The only difference with Morange is the name. What i don’t understand is why it’s suggested at getjar.com as “app like this”. It’s a modified version? I don’t know. I know that Opera Mini have a russian modified version but i’ve never see it at getjar as an alternative to the official one. And by way for people with low memory capacity, Morange’s version 3 is lighter.

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