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Does getting on an airplane tie your stomach in knots? Is fear keeping you from traveling? Try this free self help program for anyone nervous about flying.  Airline Captain Stacey L. Chance has offered this course online since 2001 and recently made it available in a more mobile friendly format.

The course is designed to help you quickly overcome anxiety and feel relaxed and confident on your flight.  Capt. Stacey covers the types of fear associated with flying including fear of falling, claustrophobia, fear of the unknown, loss of control and fear of  dying and offers breathing and relaxation exercises to reduce stress and anxiety.

The course includes an in dept look at commercial aviation, with an emphasis on safety. It covers topics ranging from what keeps aircraft aloft to pilot and crew training, procedures, maintenance, regulations, and statistics. There’s a detailed description of what to expect during a flight including the real cause of those  normal but sometimes frightening noises.

Flying doesn’t bother me but I found the course interesting particularly the section on problem situations like turbulence, wind shear, icing and terrorism and how pilots and flight crews are trained to handle them.

A useful and interesting site although the numerous animated images are distracting. Source Oh! Mobile Directory

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