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Not sure what those pills your doctor prescribed are for and what side effects to watch out for? Wondering about the strange pills you found in Johnny’s room? Or are you a medical professional who needs quick access to a professional drug reference in the field?

Drugs.mobi combines separate professional and consumer drug references with a handy “Pill Wizard” for identifying mystery pills. Search by drug name or shape, color and the imprint on a pill or capsule. The wizard returns a list of possible matches with a (somewhat fuzzy and low contrast) picture of each. The site has information on over 24,000 prescription and non-prescription drugs from Drugs.com.

As a consumer I found the site easy to use and the information on covered drugs extensive, basically the same as those sheets of paper that your pharmacist gives and if you are like me you immediately threw away. I did however run into a problem on a few pages which did not load with an “XML parsing error – mismatched end tag”. Update 17-May-2009 Nick at Drugs.com has fixed the XML errors.  Source: Mobility.mobi

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2 thoughts on “Drugs.mobi – Look Up Any Pill

  1. Nick,

    They were in the pill wizard. For example, search for:

    Imprint: 11 A
    Shape: Round
    Color: White

    XML Parsing Error: mismatched tag. Expected: </div> . Line Number 73, Column 138

  2. Which pages gave you the XML parsing errors? I’m still in the process of ironing out the bugs so any information you can give me will help.


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