Carnival of the Mobilists #97

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The latest Carnival is up at Andreas Constantinou’s Vision Mobile Forum. There are some very interesting items in this Carnival.

One of the great things about the Carnival is that sooner or later it covers every aspect of mobile. This time around there’s an analysis of Motorola’s acquiring a stake in UIQ, pieces on getting users to try advanced Mobile 2.0 applications and services, phone color preferences, running desktop widgets on mobile phones!, how Motorola and Sony Erisson don’t “get” PR, what Sprint agreeing to unlock phones and accept “foreign” phones means to the carrier marketplace, VOIP technology, user interface design, the gPhone and hacking GPS enabled gMaps.

Congratulations to Chetan Sharma who won Post of the Week honors for his comprehensive CTIA roundup.

To experience the Carnival spirit yourself head over to Vision Mobile

Carnival of the Mobilists #97

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