JuiceCasterJuiceCaster is a “social broadcasting” service. It’s an embeddable player you can add to your Facebook, MySpace or Friendster page or to a blog. When you send photos or videos to JuiceCaster by MMS, email or by using a JuiceCaster application they appear in the player on your web page. Content you upload can be flagged as public, private or shared with selected friends. JuiceCaster is free to use except for the mobile application, which is a BREW executable currently available on US CDMA carriers Alltel and Cricket for $2.99/month. A Java version is due to be released early next year. The application adds convenience but is not required to use JuiceCaster.

In addition to the embeddable player, JuiceCaster also has PC (juicecaster.com) and mobile (juicecaster.com/wap/) websites with social networking features like profiles, friends, image and video sharing and chat. The content you and everyone else uploads to JuiceCaster can be viewed, shared and downloaded from either site.

JuiceCaster requires a US mobile number to register. You can register on the mobile web using your phone or from a PC.

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  2. i subsribed two months from alltel. great program but novelty wore off in a month. to restricting and the rooms are very boxy–finding friends that were online is a nightmare.

  3. I wonder what the future of such services is and it is amazing that services like JuiceCaster are able to find funding in the second round.

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