Fundi – Traveler’s Guide to South Africa South African Guide

Fundi is a mobile web guide to businesses, events and attractions throughout South Africa. Listings, which include click to call numbers and in most cases a description and address, are organized by city or town as well as by topic area. South Africa is expecting a massive influx of visitors for the FIFA World Cup next year and guides like Fundi should be popular.

The well designed site is generally easy to use. Fundi is a new site and businesses must pay to be listed. Consequently there are relatively few listings. This is understandable, however there are a number of  links on the front page and elsewhere like “Wine Estates” and “Football 2010” that lead to empty pages with no listings at all, This looks unprofessional and  wastes the user’s time and bandwidth. A better design would be to either hide these empty categories or to “seed” them with a few basic listings or an informational blurb. Source:

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