JC Penney Woos Teen Shoppers With Lackluster Mobile Site

jcpteen mobile site

It’s nice to see big brands doing mobile web sites. However this one from U.S. chain department store JC Penney targeting teen shoppers doesn’t impress. Its main features are pictures of a mere two clothing outfits, a signup form for text alerts and a bunch of downloadable Greystripe ad-supported games.

Visitors are also urged to visit the jcpteen Facebook profile participate in a scavenger hunt game with ringtones, wallpapers and tickets promised as prizes. However there is no link to the Facebook profile, only a plain text url! Facebook offers a mobile version of the Penney’s profile so why on earth isn’t this a link?

The site’s most useful feature might be it’s hard to find store locator. If you’re  looking for the nearest Penney’s store, click “Products” then click either of the two featured clothing outfits and scroll to the bottom of the page to enter your zip code.

With no really compelling content, I can’t see the average teen being very impressed with Penny’s mobile effort.

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  1. It’s rather sad to see how slapdash and amateur some of the big names can be when it comes to mobile web sites and what big opportunities they may miss! Foolish! Btw, did you try the emulator? Bolt is a tiny tad slower but it looks beautiful!

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