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For many years AllAboutSymbian.com’s sister site, All About N-Gage has been the best place to find in-depth, honest reviews of the latest N-Gage games and news about the platform. A couple of months ago All About N-Gage was relaunched as OviGaming. About the time of the re-branding, the mobile version of All About N-Gage more or less stopped working. The front page still loaded but all links led to an error page. I’m sure the mobile site breakage was unintentional but it forced faithful N-Gage fans to use the desktop version of Ovi Gaming on their handsets to keep up with what was happening with the Nokia gaming platform. That probably wasn’t a huge hardship as all the current N-Gage capable Nokia phones can handle the full site quite well, as can Opera Mini.

Yesterday, OviGaming.com announced a new mobile friendly version of the site. It’s at a new URL, ovigaming.mobi. The old allaboutngage.com/mobile/ address doesn’t seem to redirect to the new version. The new site has a much more modern looking, touch friendly design. It includes all the content from the desktop edition except for the forums in a nice clean single column design with finger-friendly links for 5th edition users.

If you’re into games on Symbian handsets, Ovi Gaming is a must read site for its in depth game reviews and honest appraisals of the strengths and weakness of the N-Gage platform.

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One thought on “OviGaming.mobi Launched

  1. Thanks for the review!

    Incidentally the name change was mainly because our focus has shifted to games from Ovi Store, Nokia’s online content shop. We still cover N-Gage as well, but most of our reviews are of Ovi Store games due to their sheer number (over 500 titles released in the first month or so).

    Ovi Store is available on most Nokia phones including their non-Symbian models too, so the mobile site is meant to work on non-S60 handsets as well.

    If anyone has any feedback about the mobile site (good or bad equally welcome) please do post it in the announcement thread:


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