Found on the Mobile Web 33

Found on the Mobile Web is an occasional WAP Review feature listing newly added and updated sites on the mobile portal and WapReview mobile site directory. With these latest additions the directory and portal now list 1042 mobile sites.

RSS – Blogging/RSS Readers

Berry Bloglines

Berry Bloglines ( Another useful mobile web app from profilic developer of free Blackberry applications, Phil Bogle. Berry Bloglines is an alternate mobile web front end to the Bloglines RSS reader. Although designed for Blackberries, it should work on just about any web enabled mobile phone. External links are transcoded by Skweezer. Unlike Bloglines Mobile, Berry Bloglines doesn’t let you login with your Bloglines Blog ID, you have to use the email address associated with your Bloglines account which is a PITA for me as I signed up for Bloglines using an impossible to remember and hard to enter disposable email address!


INFORM Mobile ( NYSDOT’s mobile traffic site for Long Island area highways. It has a large selection of traffic cameras, real time alerts of accidents and congestion and scheduled roadwork.


Direct TV’s DVR Scheduler ( lets you remotely program your Direct TV Digital Video Recorder using a mobile web interface. I don’t have Direct TV so I haven’t tried it but Carlo at MobHappy has and reports success. I’m a little disappointed that you have to go to register, using a mobile service shouldn’t require a PC.


Forceca Weather Map ( An outstanding new mobile weather site. It’s truly international, claiming to cover 80,000 locations. I was able to bring up detailed forecasts for every city I tried including Havana, Nairobi, Oslo, Chengdu and San Francisco. For each location Forca provides daily and 7 day forecasts and animated GIF maps showing radar and satellite views as well as temperature, precipitation, clouds and wind.


Google Notebook ( This has been around for a couple of months but somehow I missed it. Google’s web based annotation app has a mobile version. The mobile Notebook is rather limited, all you can do is view your notes and create new text notes by keying something in. The full web version is much more powerful thanks to Google’s Notebook Extension for FireFox or IE which lets you highlight text on any web page and right click to create an instant note. I’d really like to see Google create a mobile browser application ala Opera Mini with Notebook (and Google Maps, Reader and Bookmarks) integration built in.

Entertainment/Life Style

DogFriendly ( If you are traveling in the US or Canada with a pooch, this site should be in you bookmarks. DogFriendly lists hotels and RV parks that accept dogs plus off-lease dog parks for hundreds of locations.

Entertainment/Photo Sharing


Photobucket ( is the latest major photo sharing and online photo album site to launch a mobile version. Photobucket, which is owned by Fox Interactive Media joins competitors Flickr and Google’s Picasa on the mobile web. The mobile site lets you search public images by subject or user name and view your Photobucket albums. Surprisingly. Photobucket’s Make Mobile service which sends an image to your phone as a multimedia message can not be initiated from the mobile site.

Technology/Mobile/Mobile Social

LifeLogger ( is a free blogging platform with image and video sharing and social networking features. It you have a lot of videos to share, Lifelogger is notable for it’s unlimited storage and generous 15 GB/month upload limit. LifeLogger recently added mobile support. All Life Logs are now mobile enabled and you can even register for Lifelogger on the mobile web site, although you do need to be able to receive and reply to a validation email. For mobile registration there really needs to be an option to validate via SMS. Mobile blogging is supported with both direct file uploads and by sending a photo or video to your LifeLogger email address. Given LifeLogger’s popularity as a video hosting site, I’m surprised that videos aren’t available in a mobile friendly format, in fact the mobile version of Lifelogger actually includes Flash (not Flash Lite!) videos, which as far as I know, can’t be displyed by any current phone.


mobGas ( with gasoline prices on the rise again, here’s another site that lets you search for the lowest gasoline prices by US zip code. mobGas’s interface is pretty efficient, just a single field where you enter a zipcode. I like that the zipcode field uses -wap-input-format:”NNNNN” to switch most phones to numeric input. On the other hand, results are not sorted by price and in some cases were not current.

Search/Directions ( A free geocoding service for US addresses. Enter an address and get the location’s latitude and longitude. Pretty neat, though I’m not entirely sure how useful this is on a mobile. Geocaching without a GPS, maybe?