The Washington Post’s New, Much Improved Mobile Site

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The Washington Post is widely regarded as one of the two best US newspapers, the other being the New York Times. Compared with the Times, the Post has been slow to develop its web and especially its mobile web presence. Last week the paper took a step to improve its mobile web offering with a complete redesign of

The revamped and expanded site was develeoped with the help of  Norway’s MobileTech. It uses browser detection and adaptation to vary layout, page and image sizes to suit everything from basic feature phones to the iPhone. The tabbed top navigation area is attractive and easy to navigate. Content consists of local, national and world news sections plus separate politics, business, local, entertainment and sports pages and a photo gallery.

All sections have been expanded and there are now over 50 full length articles on the mobile site plus items from several of the paper’s editorial blogs.

Unlike the New York Times, which is popular worldwide, the majority of the Post subscribers are local to the Washington D.C. metropolitan area where it is the top paper in circulation.  The new mobile site focuses on the Post’s strength in local coverage with a local section called “Metro” which has loads of local news coverage including live traffic updates.

Another tradional Post strength is its coverage of the Washington political scene which is reflected in the mobile site’s extensive political news coverage and a number of opinionated editorials on national issues and pending legislation.

With this redesign. The Washington Post finally has a mobile site worthy of the paper’s quality and prestige.

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5 thoughts on “The Washington Post’s New, Much Improved Mobile Site

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  2. Thank you for the mention, Dennis :) We, at, are very proud of as it represents a quite different and modern approach to building mobile sites both in terms of technology and strategy. I must praise the tech team at WP, and all others involved, for the bold steps and great job done. :)

  3. Oh,that should be the reason. I’ve got a HTC Oxygen smartphone with 176*220 resolution, followed by a normal homepage. Tks for your response,Denny!

  4. Noto, The tab-like navigation area, which is visible in the screen shot included in my post, only seem to appear on devices with with a screen size of 240px or greater and good CSS support. I see them on the Nokia N95, HTC Dream and the iPhone. Other devices get a vertically stacked menu.

  5. It looks like what it was before. Where’s the tabbed homepage? I haven’t seen yet.

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