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Found on the Mobile Web is an occasional WAP Review feature listing newly added and updated sites on the mobile portal and WapReview mobile site directory. With these latest additions the directory and portal now list 1093 mobile sites.


CritikiCritiki ( A guide to Tiki bars and Polynesian restaurants around the world. 600 Listings with reviews, ratings on 10 criteria like food, decor, drinks and “tikiness”,\ along with the address, link to Google mobile map and click to call phone number. The site works with Opera Mini and WebKit, unfortunately a markup error makes it impossible to login to Critiki with Openwave, Motorola and some Nokia browsers.

Technology/Tech News

PC World ( This is an oldie which has been down for a while but seems to be available and updated again. It’s the same text-only format as PC World’s Avantgo site which dates back many years; six tech news items updated daily. The items themselves are the full text of the same articles on PC Worlds main site. Not bad, but can we have more items please and and a maybe few images resized for mobile?


macnn ( Machintosh News Network is a popular Apple news site with a very active forum. macnn also has two mobile editions. The one at has summaries of the main site’s news stories in a small screen friendly single column layout. It’s a big page, about 560 KB, and the summaries link to the full web versions of articles so it’s best suited to the iPhone and other full-web mobile browsers. There’s also a “classic” mobile version ( which at about 150KB is still too big for the built browsers of mass-market feature phones. But if you’re reading macnn you have an iPhone, right?


Trapster ( offers this mobile site which displays the location of policeTrapster speed traps, red light and speed cameras and places where traffic officers are hiding. You just enter a zip code or address to see the traps, either as a list or on a Google Mobile Map. The data comes from registered users of Trapster’s free Java, S60 3rd Edition or Windows Mobile 5 and 6 applications. The apps let you report a trap with a single key press using location data from the phone’s GPS and also give real time alerts when you drive into an area with a trap. If you don’t have a compatible phone you can report traps by toll-free number, SMS or by using Jott‘s voice recognition technology Via: The Phoneboy Blog

Travel/Destination Guides

Mobiguides – Whistler ( and Banff ( Travel destination guides seem to be popping up all over the mobile web. The concept makes sense, create a directory of local tourist oriented businesses, services and attractions and monetize it by charging the businesses for listings. It’s the mobile web equivalent of those free resort area newspapers. Here are a couple of guides for the beautiful Canadian resort towns of Whistler and Banff. They are well designed mobile sites with accesskeys and click to call phone numbers for usability and offer information of real value for visitors including weather forecasts, and ideas for things too do. Another destination guide, and it’s for one of my favorite cities, Barcelona. It features an interactive, searchable city map and extensive listings of hotels, restaurants and sights in all price ranges. Via: m-trends

FishingGuides.Mobi If you idea of a perfect vacation is going fishing in a new place, this mobile web site is for you. It’s a directory of over 800 US fishing charters, guides and outfitters sorted by state.


CelebWireCelebWire (CelebWire.mob) is a celebrity gossip site with new stories every day and a searchable archive of over 2900 items of dish and dirt of your favorite stars.


Everything Q Mobile ( A forum for users and fans of the Windows Mobile powered Motorola Q smartphone. Lots of tips and good information for getting the most out of your Q. There are separate boards for the various models and carriers and a software development forum. The site is powered by the popular vBulletin software using a very nice mobile style add-on. I couldn’t figure out where the mobile add-on is from but I like it a lot better than what HowardForums (also a vBulletin forum) is using for their mobile edition.


Vehix ( is a site for car shoppers. The mobile version lets you find new and used cars for sale by zip code with prices and click to call phone numbers. You can also lookup the value of any used car made since 1989. Those features worked well, however digging deeper in the site revealed a lot of non-functioning links. Via: Mike Rowehl – This Is Mobility

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  2. Aloha! Thanks for sharing the word about Critiki Mobile, but a quick note — it’s still in beta, and thus not really ready for review (you’ll notice there’s no link to it yet on the Critiki website). It still needs a lot of work before it’s launched.

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