K&L Wines Mobile – Wines and Spirits Reviewed and Rated

K&L Wines Mobile

One of the better mobile wine sites. K&L is a connoisseurs wine and liquor shop with stores in San Francisco, Redwood City and Hollywood, California. They also accept online orders with shipping to states where permitted by local laws and also to Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong.

K&L’s mobile site is a searchable, categorized directory of their current inventory of wines and spirits with descriptions, ratings and a photo of the bottle and label. Orders can be placed by using a click to call 800 number.

The site works well with smartphones having a screen width of 320px or more. Large (70 KB) pages and a fixed width layout may cause usability problems with smaller screens and some feature phones.

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Ratings: Content ****_ Usability XXX__

Ready.mobi Score: 3 “Fair”

Mobile Link: m.klwines.com

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