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Mobility Mobi I can’t believe I didn’t see this site before. is a nine month old online forum dedicated to discussing the mobile web and especially the .mobi top level domain (TLD). It’s very active with over 7000 and threads and 46,000 posts. Lot’s of discussions of new mobile sites, industry news, SEO, domaineering and buying selling and trading .mobi domains. There are also active sub-forums for mobile web development questions, discussing mobile publishing platforms, hosting and legal issues like domain name disputes. uses browser detection to display either the full PC version of the vBulletin based forum or a mobile one using a great mobile template developed in-house by There doesn’t seem to be a way to force the mobile version if browser detection fails although I wasn’t able to make it fail with any of the dozen or so mobile user agents I tried.’s mobile front page mobile scores a perfect 5 out of 5 on the test. The index pages listing the posts in each forum and the post pages themselves can get quite large however, well over the 10KB of markup and 20KB overall limits generally recommended for “one-size fits all” mobile sites. If this causes out of memory errors on your phone, and you are a registered user you can change the number of posts per page from the default of 25 to five on the Options Page which should help a bit. You can only change the settings from the PC version though.

Except for options, the mobile version offers almost all of the functionality of the PC site including posting, private messaging and registering for the site. It’s not necessary to register to view the site except for a few members only sub-forums. You have to register to post, of course.

It’s really inspiring to see doing so well. Anyone who has any doubts about the mobile web’s vitality should spend a little time poking around. There’s a friendly, cooperative feel to with developers and publishers helping each other out without any cattiness and flame wars so common to online forums.

Ratings: Content: **** Usability: XXXX

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  3. I was somewhat active in another forum that had a mobi section & then I found
    Excellant support from fellow mobi enthusiasts,
    If anyone out there is interested in the mobile web & the .mobi extension than this is definatley the place for you.

    Great Job Mobility…

  4. Yeah great forum – it’s brilliant because there’s lots of different types of site owners and developers there – a real grass roots vibe and friendly.

    James P – thanks for the RSS.

  5. Thank you for the review, Dennis. If you haven’t already joined our community, you would be most welcome. We have an active group as you mentioned, and are happy to help people with their dot mobi domain names. We have a great admin and the mods are quite involved which keeps the conversations friendly and on topic. One thing I didn’t see mentioned is our members-only chat, which is a great way to give and get help in real time.

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