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Holiday shopping can be a budget buster. One way to save when shopping online is with coupon codes. Coupon Album, one of the larger coupon sites on the web, now has a mobile friendly version.

It’s a simple, low bandwidth site which should work on all phones. It has a dozen featured deals on the front page, but if those aren’t helpful head Coupon Album’s best feature, the search box.

There are a number of mobile coupon sites but surprisingly Coupon Album is one of the few that offers a search option.  In my tests the search returned quite a few relevant deals for common queries like “cameras”, “Amazon”. Searching by store name seemed to work better than by product.

It’s not perfect though, I was unable to find any coupons for prepaid mobile refills although they are a dime a dozen of competing non-mobile coupon sites. Source OkOk via

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