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AskMobyAskMoby ( is a new mobile weather service with a couple of clever features. When you request a forecast you also pick your planned activity from a list of Golf, Walking, Surfing, Sailing, Football and a few more. Supposedly the results are customized based on your proposed activity. I suspect that this feature isn’t quite finished yet. The only difference I could see is that with sailing and surfing the results include wave and swell data. All activities get the temperature, wind and general conditions (Sunny, Rain, etc.) and links to a map showing nearby conditions, satellite images  and a synoptic weather map.

The other feature that’s unique to AskMoby is hour by hour forecasts for any hour, day or night, in the next 48 hours.

There’s also a social aspect to AskMoby  Users can create a blog and participate in the forums. There aren’t many blogs yet and the mobile forums seem to be down at the moment, but give it time.  This would be a good home for a meteorology blog, I’d think.  

In addition to the mobile site, AskMoby has a slick Ajaxy PC version and an embeddable Widget for your Blog or MySpace page.

AskMoby currently covers European locations only. Via SMS Text News.

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