AccuWeather Mobile Site Update

AccuWeather has updated their mobile site AND changed the URL. It’s now just Browser detection is used to render mobile or full content based on device capabilities. You better hope that the detection works properly as there doesn’t seem to be a dedicated mobile URL.

The site Includes satellite and radar images as well as current and 15 day forecasts for locations anywhere in the world. Users can save their favorite locations. Animated radar and satellite maps are centered on the user’s location with the ability to pan and zoom. AccuWeather also has weather news, blogs, weather records, a hurricane center and severe weather warnings.

Mobile Link:

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5 thoughts on “AccuWeather Mobile Site Update

  1. The ability to select my own location as “HOME” should be an option.
    This isn’t possible, as far as I can tell.
    I don’t live in New York or care about the weather there.

    • On the iPhone, Android and probably some other smartphones you can set your default location in Accuweather by tapping Menu > My Settings > Location and entering a city, zip code or address.

      Basic phones don’t get those options you can get the same result by entering your location and bookmarking the the results page.

  2. This is a pretty poor weather site. Why?
    1) As you can see from the screen shot, it tells you what the weather is now. Massive achievement… I could look out the window and see that. I have to select “Details” to see what WILL happen – poor
    2) Try the “15-Day Forecast”… what do you get… 5 days with a next link. Hmm, misleading to say the least.

    This site needs to THINK mobile, not simply BE mobile! Give me the information I want as early as possible (hint: Switching locations is not one of them)

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