Nokia Conversations Uses Mippin To Mobilize!

Nokia Conversations Mobile

Nokia Conversations which calls itself, “The Official Nokia Blog” is one of the handset maker’s primary ways of interacting with users. It’s really more of a tech news site than a typical dry corporate blog. Conversations is about firmware updates, game and app reviews and coverage of Nokia in the news. In keeping with the blog’s name it’s a two way communication channel, reader comments are actively encouraged. Nokia doesn’t appear to censor negative comments either as it’s very easy to find them on the site.

Yesterday, Conversations announced the availability of  the site  on the mobile web too. For the mobile edition Nokia turned to Mippin, a free third party service that generates a rather attractive mobile site from any RSS feed. There are a lot of similar services but Mippin seems to be the market leader in both adoption and attractiveness of the finished product.

Mippin sites include blog comments, although you can’t leave comments. You can Tweet or Email stories from within Mippin and there’s a social networking aspect to the service as well, registered Mippin users can rate and recommend sites and stories and follow Mippin friends to see what they are sharing, reading and recommending.

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