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Nciku HomeNciku Mobile ( is an English/Chinese, Chinese/English online mobile dictionary. It’s a simple but effective tool  providing translations of English words into Chinese and vice/versa.  Nciku supports entry and display of simplified Chinese characters and Pinyin, the familiar representation ( Beijing and Ni hao, for example) of Chinese in the Roman alphabet.

In addition to literal translations to and from Pinyin and Chinese characters, Nciku provides phonetic pronunciation of English words and  examples using the translated words in sentences.  Nciku has an English user interface However, the site displays Chinese characters using double-byte characters rather than images so they don’t appear on most Western handsets.  To make the most of Nciku you really need a phone with a Chinese language pack so that you can see (and enter, if your know how) Chinese characters.

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10 thoughts on “Nciku – Mobile English/Chinese Dictionary

  1. There is an application which translates emails and other texts for BlackBerry Also supports Chinese Traditional and Simplified but it is better for users who do not speak Chinese at all. It is quite difficult to use a dictionary and try to communicate when you don’t know even the alphabet.

  2. I live in Shanghai and have not been able to open all day (I use this extensively at work and am worried about my day tomorrow). I’ve tried on firefox and explorer – neither work (nor does Strangely enough I can access on my blackberry (but it is not the BB/Mobile site).

    Anyone else having similar problems?


  3. Thanks a lot for the review and the link. I just want to correct one point though – we actually only support Simplified Chinese (the form used in Mainland China and Singapore) at the moment, although we are working on adding a Traditional character version as well.

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