Found On The Mobile Web #200


Found on the Mobile Web is a weekly WAP Review feature listing newly added and updated sites on the mobile portal and WapReview mobile site directory. With these latest additions the directory and portal now list 2118 mobile sites.

Entertainment/Mobile Video-Audio/Video

Tubidy Tubidy is a new mobile front end to YouTube. Browse or search for videos from your country or globaly. Videos are converted to 3gp format and should be compatibile with most any phone that supports video playback and download. Low and high quality versions of each video are available and there is an option to download videos spit into one minute pieces for devices or networks that limit download size.
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TLeave - Boston MBTA

Search/Web Search

Gune is a meta-search engine in English from Brazilian development house Handcase. It uses Google and Bing for results, and returns the 10 ten results from each search engine. Unfortunately it seems to favor results from transcoded desktop sites, ignoring native mobile versions of the same content. Gune also includes a directory of real mobile sites.
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TLeave (MBTA) Schedules for Boston’s MBTA commuter trains optimized for commuters on the go. Pick your start and destination stations and TLeave shows the next departures starting from the current time. Source: City-Go-Round
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Meathaus Mobile

Search/Package Tracking

DHL Tracking DHL’s mobile global tracking site is an old fashioned WML afair (the iPhone and other devices with full-web browsers are redirected to the desktop site). While not fancy, the site is quick and gets the job done. Offered in 12 languages, the site’s sole function is tracking, enter an airbill number to view very detailed reports of the shipment’s progress.
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Tori Sparks Singer/songwriter Tori Sparks‘ mobile site includes her blog, tour schedule, photo gallery, videos, several free mp3 downloads and links to her albums on Amazon Mobile. Mobile site design is by When I’m Mobile.
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Soma fm Mobile

Reference – Tools/Translation

Sederet Indonesian – Eng Online mobile English/Indonesian/English dictionary. It seems to have a large vocabulary, I got results for every word I tried.
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Entertainment/Art & Design

Meathaus An art blog showcasing the work of the cartoonists, illustrators and painters of New York City’s Meathaus Collective. Mobile View by Mobify.
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Entertainment/Mobile Video-Audio/Audio

Radio Paradise Mobile

Soma fm Directory of mobile streaming independent & alternative radio stations in 3GPP and Windows Media formats. Source: My Opera, hat tip to Serola.
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Entertainment/Mobile Video-Audio/Audio

Radio Paradise Free online Internet streaming Rock radio, “Hand mixed by real humans at Radio Paradise.” Radio Paradise which was founded in 1990  by veteran DJ Bill Goldsmith (KFAT, KLRB, KPOI, WCAS, KPIG), claims to be the first full time Internet radio station. The station is available in a variety of mobile formats.
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The Apple Core Mobile edition of Jason O’Grady and David Morgenstern’s popular and influential news blog covering Apple Inc. The Apple Core is part of the ZDNet family of tech sites.
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