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  1. Bighead,

    Thanks for the clear explanation. I had no idea there were 3 versions of Hot/Live Mail.

    What’s the difference between the “Classic” version and the “Original Hotmail Format” as you call it? The classic looks like how I remember Hotmail a couple of years ago. What exactlly is missing?

  2. The problem is that the “classic” version is not the original version that everyone wants restored. When the windowslive id was first offered, there was an option offered to switch back to the original hotmail formate if you weren’t satisfied with the new version. I did that immediately after “upgrading” the first time. However, this morning after accidently clicking on my e-mail address link and signing on (instead of hitting ‘sign on’) my hotmail was automatically upgraded again to the live version and this time I can’t figure out how to go back. The only option that remains available – and I’m talking about desktop – seems to be to switch between the “full” and “classic” versions. I would welcome any explanation as to how to return to the original version. Hates Stupid People – you obviously missed the point – why don’t you figure this out for us if you’re so smart, you dispicable idiot.

  3. penn,

    To switch back to the classic version of Hotmail, aka Live Mail. Just log in and look in the left sidebar below your mail folders and the links to Mail, Contacts and Calendar. There is a link labeled “Switch to Classic“. It’s just above the link to the Privacy Statement.


  4. who’s know how to switch back to old format hotmail please tell me too. I’ve try to find “more option” in option page but it’s gone now. Anybody know other way please tell me (-_-“)

  5. Thanks for the support Kelly.

    Sam, Is it the mobile or PC version that you are having trouble with logging in to? It it’s the PC version, try clearing your browser cache and deleting cookies
    If that doesn’t work try upgrading your browser or switching to an alternative browser like Firefox or Opera. If all else fails, log in using a different computer even one at a public library or internet cafe. Once you are logged in with the other browser or computer, switch back to the classic version and log out. The setting is tied to your email account so when you go back to your original browser you should be switched back to the old Hotmail.

    As far as a Hotmail support phone number, good luck. Support for free software from big companies is almost non existent. It’s not just Microsoft, Yahoo, Google and AOL are just as bad. You can try the following number and instructions following from the “Get Human 500 Database (http://gethuman.com/). It’s for MSN which includes Hotmail:

    800‑386‑5550 Say “agent” at each prompt, until offered a representative; then say “yes.”

  6. PEOPLE……….. read what Dennis has written SEVERAL times. He DOES NOT work for Microsoft. He can only help with removing the feature from your CELL PHONE. Geez! I too am having trouble and google searched, finding this site along with plenty others complaining about the new version. I cannot wait to find away to go back to my old format of MSN, but for god’s sake – QUIT bugging the hell out of poor Dennis!!

  7. I appreciate the suggestion to switch back to the classic hotmail by clicking on the appropriate bullet after opening–but my problem is that I cannot log in in order to do this. Requests to the support people have yielded nothing–I guess because of my problem of not being able to open any help message they might send. I never asked for this new hotmail–it just appeared this morning. Does anyone know if hotmail has a phone number you can call?

  8. Girlwonder,

    I can’t change anything at Hotmail/Live Mail because I don’t work for them.

    You don’t say if you are talking about the desktop PC version of Hotmail or the Mobile Phone one.

    On phones you can’t switch anymore. The old version is gone, shut down. I personally don’t miss it, the new mobile Livemail is much better.

    With desktop Hotmail you can can easily switch between the new and classic versions of Hotmail. Just log in and look in the left sidebar just below your mail folders and the links to Mail, Contacts and Calendar. There is a link labeled “Switch to Classic”. Click that and you are done – it’s that easy!

    BTW, what is it with Hotmail users that they have such a problem switching between the two versions, something that is a really easy to do?. This is the most commented on post on this blog. But most of the comments are complaining about this issue which has nothing to do with the topic of the post -Mobile Live Mail.

  9. Connie, I don’t work for Microsoft so I can’t do anything to change the way your Hotmail works.

    I can tell you how you are supposed to be able off the feature that sends emails to my phone. It should work for you but if it doesn’t you will need to contact Microsoft.

    1) Log into Hotmail
    2) Click “Options” in the top right corner.
    3) Scroll down and click on “Mobile alerts for new messages”
    4) Click on “If you received a confirmation code on your mobile phone but still see this page, finish the sign-up process.”
    5) Under “What types of Windows Live Hotmail messages do you want to receive mobile alerts for?”, Choose None and then click Save.



  11. I’m using Wndows Live by Qwest and like it a lot. To switch back to the classic view from beta, at least with the Qwest version, go into your inbox, and in the bottom left part of the scree (right below your folders) there’s a link you can click on to switch back to classic. Hope this helps those of you who dont want to use the beta version.

  12. well i have found a way to get bak to msn hotmail :D

    1st click options on the far right of the live mail screen
    then choose to switch back to msn hotmail
    click switch bak

    nd wallah back to good old msn hotmail :D

  13. cant belief it, changed and lost all my contacts.
    old format much better.

  14. I have been trying to cancel this service for over two weeks I am not getting able to. I dont know what I am doing wrong

  15. I don’t think you people use English as your first language. I understand everything that the person writing this was saying. What part of: I don’t work for Microsoft do you people not understand? He said REPEATEDLY that he can’t make those changes for you that you have to do them yourself. Are you people that stupid that you could not understand that the first time he said that to where he had to say the same thing more than once and still not understand it. That shows how stupid you really are and that is just sad.

  16. Please cancel my Windows Live Hotmail. I was more comfortable with old version of Hotmail websites.

  17. do not windows live hotmail as my contacts and e mail adresses did not come to this program

  18. had hotmail.com and now i cant get into old one to read my e mails

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  20. Can you cancel my beta live mail and give me back my old format thank you

  21. OH finally i got back to normal Hotmail , i update WLM to full version and go to option….. should ‘switch back’ and they ask me alot of questions about why u want to opt out WLM blar blar blar.. :(

  22. The ‘switch back’ option did nothing for me. It does not seem to work. I am still stuck with this WLM beta and mostly unable to login or read my email. Plain and simple hotmail was fine for me. Get me out of here.

  23. yup yup i know, if you got that msn mail beta version, when you login, you will see a link asking if you want the full version(bottom of your screen) get the full version, then go to options and it will have something like swtich back to old hotmail or something lol hard to explain

  24. Hey one girl knows my email on windows live mail and it has some very imprtant imformation on it and i can not change my password and i have been trying to cancle my account on Windows Live EMAILS and just stick with the normal one.


  25. Please cancel windows live beta hotmail. I don’t like it
    anymore thanks. I don’t use it anymore. I want to go back
    to my old format.

  26. i am having the same issue on my pc. it is a shared pc and i use windows live beta but my gf on her account uses hotmail and she cannot send or recieve mail from her account ever since i started on windows live beta i want to end my windows live beta test but cant find how too

  27. Anna, Shreya, JoAnne and Russ,

    I’m sorry, but I’m just a blogger who writes about the mobile web. I don’t work for Microsoft so I can’t do anything to help you switch back to Hotmail. Have you tried going to the Windows Live Mail Support Page at support.live.com/ and  choosing the option “Opt Out of Beta”?

  28. Please cancel my live hot mail. I can’t get all of my e-mails. I don’t blog. Please tell me how to get back to the old format which I had for a few years. Thank you.
    Russ Possehn

  29. Please cancel windows live beta hotmail. I don’t like it. I want to go back to my old format.

    Thanks. Shreya.

  30. Please cancel windows live beta hotmail. l don’t like it anymore thanks.l don’t use it anymore.

    l want to go back to my old format.

    Regards Ms anna mcdonald.

  31. People!
    Apparently a lot of folks are having trouble switching back to Hotmail from Live Mail. I think this is with the PC version not the mobile one, as when I go to mobile.msn.com on my phone, I can chose between Live Mail and Hotmail. I haven’t switched my PC Hotmail to Live yet – and I don’t know if I dare given the troubles my commenters are having.

    Anyway, I have no connection with Microsoft so I can’t help you switch back to Hotmail, sorry I would if I could, but I can’t.

    I recommend that you go to the official Windows Live Mail Support Page. There is a support form there and one of the options is “opt out of the Live Mail beta!”


  32. I can not get my email from your windows live beta hotmail. How do I return to my old format?

  33. i am having the same issue on my pc. it is a shared pc and i use windows live beta but my gf on her account uses hotmail and she cannot send or recieve mail from her account ever since i started on windows live beta i want to end my windows live beta test but cant find how too

  34. Burak,

    I don’t work for Microsoft so I can’t cancel your account. Live Mail and Hotmail are just two different interfaces to the same mail account so I don’t think you can cancel one without canceling the other. But there is really no need to cancel anything, If Live Mail is giving you an error, log in to Hotmail instead. Just go to http://mobile.msn.com on your phone and choose Hotmail instead of Live Mail Beta.


  35. please cancel my account to Windows Live mail, because there is an error and I cannot look to my hotmail.
    or please can you explain me how I have to cancel it myself?

    thank you


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