Found On the Mobile Web #216

ReadWriteWeb Mobile

Found on the Mobile Web is a weekly WAP Review feature listing newly added and updated sites on the mobile portal and WapReview mobile site directory. With these latest additions the directory and portal now list 2259 mobile sites.

Tech News

ReadWriteWeb The popular tech blogĀ  is now available in a full featured mobile friendly format at The mobile view was created with and is hosted by Mobify. It includes all the articles, including images, from the PC version. Viewing and leaving coments is fully supported in the mobile view. Images are re-sized to fit various mobile browsers. The site’s front page is about 100 KB in size (individual item pages are generally smaller) and works well with smartphones, Opera Mini and many modern feature phone browsers.

ReadWriteWeb, which has been around since 2003, specializes in news and analysis of web sites, web based services and web technology with an emphasis on social media and mobile.
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Jd's Tech  Tips

Jd’s Tech Tips Tech tips blog with gadget and software reviews and tips and tricks for Windows, Symbian, Java and blogging. Mobile version created with MoFuse.
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Games is a real-time, online multiplayer strategy game. The goal is to develop your base and compete with other players to dominate the Moon. You need to manage your Moonbase efficiently and build an army to protect yourself and conquer other bases. is Facebook app that can also be played on most mobile phones with a browser and anĀ  Internet connection. Facebook Connect is used for authentication so a Facebook account is required to play.
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1Goal:Education for All, is a huge international effort to increase awareness of and support for education worldwide. Organized around the Soccer World Cup, it’s supported by government organizations, mobile operators, soccer stars, world leaders and celebrities including Jordan’s Queen Rania, Shakira and Keven Spacey.

1Goal seeks to engage and educate Soccer fans to the plight of 72 million of the world’s children who do not attend school. In the largest SMS campaign ever, 1Goal is sending 1.5 billion text messages asking for people to respond with “Yes” to indicate their support for the cause.

1Goal has a mobile web site at with more information about the campaign and the opportunity to download free soccer videos, wallpapers and ringtones, and to join 1Goal. Contrary to early reports of problems with the videos, they played well for me on both a Nokia N95 and and HTC Ion Android phone. Source: GoMo News
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Banking and Payments/Non-US Banks

ABSA Mobile

ABSA The mobile site of South Africa’s largest retail bank has the typical online banking and bill payment features including ATM and branch locators and click to call access to bank offices. But it also has value added features of interest to non customers including a selection of international financial news stories and a mortgage payment calculator. And for customers there is a shop where ringtones, wallpapers, games and music tracks can be purchased with funds from an ABSA account! Source:
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PhotomartUS A rather limited mobile site from online and B&M vendor of professional grade video and motion picture equipment, supplies and service, PhotomartUS. It lists only about two dozen products from PhotomartUS’ huge online catalog. The listed items can be purchased using mobile friendly Google checkout. There is click to call access to PhotomartUS’ telephone order line should you be interested in something that’s not listed on the mobile site. Source: Oh! Mobile Directory
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DIY Or Not Mobile

Travel-Transit is a directory of US limousine rental services organized by state and city. Listings include click to to call numbers. Source:
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Reference – Tools

Do It Yourself…or Not Helps you compare the estimated cost of hiring a professional or doing it yourself for over 350 common home improvement projects including carpentry, painting, tiling, plumbing and electrical jobs. Source: Oh! Mobile Directory
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omg! The “iPhone” edition of Yahoo’s celebrity gossip site features celebrity news, gossip, photos and videos. The site uses but does not require JavaScript and has an average page size of 80 KB. It works well with most smartphones, Opera Mini and the more capable feature phone browsers. Source: Oh! Mobile Directory
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Mobile Site Builders

WapZan WapZan is a mobile site builder that anyone can use to create a mobile site for their personal or public use, free of charge and with no programming knowledge required. Sites can be monetized using various ad networks.

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