More Olympics

 BBC Image I’ve added four more Winter Olympics mobile web pages to the new Sports/Winter Olympics page on the YesWap Portal. Check them out from on your phone.

BBC As always, the BBC provides excellent coverage. The WAP1 (wml) site provides a good collection of stories and features illustrated with small 66 px wide gif images. The html site as more stories and the pictures larger (up to 203 px), higher quality .jpeg’s. A Pictures section (html only) has even larger images, up to 403 px in width. You may want to run the html site through Google’s Transcoder to reduce the images to a size suitable for your phone. Beware that the html edition is designed for PDAs so there is too much scrolling for optimum usability on phones.

Content **** Usability: ****

BBC Winter Olympics: wml xhtml

 ESPN Image ESPN has the most comprehensive Winter Olympics site so far with 68 long articles organized into sub-menus by sport. Usability is hampered slightly by advertising pages that you have to click through to get to the content. In addition to the news stories, there is also a cumulative medal count by nation. Other than the ESPN logo there are no images on the site, just text.

Content **** Usability: ****

ESPN Winter Olympics:  xhtml

 Sky Sports Image Sky Sports Sky TV is a British satellite television provider which has long had mobile web news and sports sites. For the Winter Olympics, Sky has put up a modest page with six short stories. There are WAP1 and PDA versions of the site. Content is the same except that the PDA edition has small 100 px wide photos. The WAP1 version is easier to navigate on a typical phone.

Content *** Usability: ****

Sky Sports Winter Olympics: wml xhtml

 SportsFeed Image There is a wealth of information on this text-only WAP1 site. Features include a complete schedule for of all events cross-referenced by date and sport. Results (top 12 places) are provided for every event. There aren’t a lot of articles on SportsFeed but if you want results ASAP this is probably the best site. SportsFeed claims to update results within 30 minutes of the completion of an event. The site is targeted toward gamblers and provides odds for many sporting events but interestingly not for the Olympics.

Content **** Usability: ****

SportsFeed Winter Olympics: wml