Carnival of the Mobilists – 18

Carnival of the MobilistsThe latest Carnival is up at Martin’s Mobile Technology Page. Each week the Carnival showcases the best submitted articles on mobile topics. Included are:

  • Kelly Goto at gotomobile, Integrated mobile research & testing
  • Carlo Longino on MobHappy, Selling Dollars for a Dime
  • C. Enrique Ortiz – Mobility W e b l o g, MNVOs and The Demographic Problem
  • Jim Downing at Smartmobs, The Phone is the Key
  • Stuart Mudie on, Lifeblog 2.0 adds context to mobile multimedia content
  • Xen Dolev of Xellular Identity, Theatre, Peacocks and Mobiles
  • Scott Shaffer the Pondering Primate, Will Google Offer Mobile Words?
  • Justin Oberman at mopocket, What Some People Don’t Get ABout the Political Mobile Buzz
  • John Sun – Mobile Analyst Watch, First Week: Garmin Forerunner 205 Review Wrapup
  • Rudy De Waele at Women in Mobile 07 – Keren Flavell
  • Tomi Ahonen on Communities Dominate Brands, If you thought Idol was big on TV, mobile Idol ie Network Karaoke!
  • Troy Norcross – Mobile Marketing & SPAM, Service Discovery and Mobile Network Operators
  • Host Martin Sauter’s Wireless VoIP Demystified – Part 2: SIP
  • My own The State of LBS in the US

This week’s links are a varied and interesting bunch. Read them all here; Carnival of the Mobilists – 18