Carnival of the Mobilists No. 19

Carnival of the MobilistsThis weeks Carnival at C. Enrique Ortiz’ Mobility W e b l o g has a bumper crop of great articles.

  • Daniel Taylor at The Mobile Enterprise Weblog on the issues corporate IT folks face when users bring their mobile devices inside the firewall.
  • Martin Sauter of Martin’s Mobile Technology Page reviews a new book from Nokia on maximizing the benefits of mobiles in business.
  • Darla Mack on her blog, Day’s in the Life of a Mobile Diva writes “Are the naked booth babes really necessary?” Well said Darla, the objectification of women at tech trade shows is a disgrace.
  • Rudy De Waele at m-Trends takes Vodaphone and the carriers in general to task for their obscene data rates and walled gardens.
  • Ian Wood the Digital Evangelist on the challenge of finding worthwhile content for 3G services and the state of mobile networks.
  • Scott Shaffer The Pondering Primate , ponders the possibilities of integrating GPS and SMS.
  • Ajit Jaokar at Open Gardens wonders if the time is right for the browser only PC to take off.
  • Russell Buckley at MobHappy raises important questions about mobile transcoding and the rights of content owners.
  • Xen Dolev of Xellular Identity on mobile fashion for women.
  • Debi Jones a.k.a MobileJones on the current explosion of services for creating and sharing mobile content including moblogs and user created video.
  • Dorrian Porter plugs Mozes a new shortcode service.
  • Emily Turrettini of on how ringtones were used to promote candidates in the latest Israeli elections.
  • Troy Norcross at Mobile Marketing & SPAM discusses privacy implications for text messaging marketing and the importance of disclosure and obtaining users consent.
  • Tomi T Ahonen of Communities Dominate Brands on Gen-C, the connected generation. Tomi draws a parallel between SMS’ing youth and the invincible Borg of Star Trek.
  • Judy Breck of the Golden Swamp on podcasting as an educational medium.
  • Host C. Enrique Ortiz’ with metrics on US mobile subscribers.
  • My own Review of Go2, a mobile local search site that I think has great potential.