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Although it’s been around since 2007, I just discovered the mobile edition of, a leading tech news site covering digital media including entertainment, publishing, advertising, marketing, and technology.

Founded in 2002, Paid content was acquired in 2008 by the UK’s Guardian Media Group, publisher of The Observer and Guardian daily newspapers.

The mobile edition has a clean attractive design that echoes the style of paidContent’s desktop site.

paidContent.orgĀ  has managed to create a one size fits all mobile webapp looks great and works well on everything from feature phones to the iPhone. There are few images, other than a logo, and no ads. Page sizes are admirably small (the front page is only 15 KB). Most news items are short but there is no pagination of longer articles which run as big as 56 KB. There’s no image resizing either and images, while few, tend to be large.

paidContent has three sister sites that use the same mobile template: and which are the UK and Indian editions of and which covers mobile media.

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Ratings: Content ****_ Usability XXXX_ Score: 4 “Good” Front page size: 15 KB

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