Use the iPhone Google Reader, Calendar, Talk and Gmail WebApps on Symbian

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Asri al-Baker at has put together a set of  Web Runtime Apps that let you use the iPhone versions of the Gmail, Google Talk, Google Calendar and Google Reader WebApps on Symbian phones.

The Asri’s pps are essentially bookmarks which launch the GoogleWebApps in the Nokia browser. But they several advantages over normal browser bookmarks. For one, they have nice icons and look rather smart sitting in your Application folder or a Symbian^3 Shortcuts Widget on your home screen. Plus it’s a lot easier and quicker to find and click a shinny icon on your home screen than it is to launch the browser, open your Bookmarks and scroll through lists and folders of  browser bookmarks to find the one you want.

If your a traditionalist who prefers using bookmarks,  just curious or want to try these on non Symbian phones, the apps open the following URLs:


Google Reader:

Google Talk:

Google Calendar:

All the Web Apps worked well on an N8. According to Asri, Calendar and Reader  work best on touch screen Symbian phones but the others should work on any Symbian phone that supports WRT (all S60 3rd Edition FP1 and latter).

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