Gtricks, “The Googleverse Blog” Now On Mobile

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Gtricks, “the Googleverse Blog” is a great site for anyone who uses Google webapps, and who doesn’t. It’s packed with hundreds of tips on how to maximize your productivity using Google search, Gmail, Blogger, Orkut, Buzz, Reader, News, Doc, iGoogle and all the other Google services.

Content includes little known but efficient ways of using Google products, secrets for finding right content with Google search and quick and easy ways to become Google power user.

The site is updated several times a week with new tips and tricks. And the best part is that you can easily follow Gtricks in your mobile browser thanks to a mobile optimized version of created using Mobify.

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  1. Well, I also didn’t know how to turn off the option in youtube, through which youtube automatically switches to HD quality when viewing in Fullscreen, thanks Dennis for sharing such a great site, Gtricks is quite an easy way to learn some complicated or weird things on Google.

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