Found On The Mobile Web #238

Secondhand Memories

Found on the Mobile Web is a weekly WAP Review feature listing newly added and updated sites on the mobile portal and WapReview mobile site directory. With these latest additions the directory and portal now list 2311 mobile sites.


Secondhand Memories The first North American Japanese-style ongoing cellphone novel, Secondhand Memories is a story of high school love. Written on a mobile phone by “takatsu” it has short (50-100 word) chapters for “mobile snack” reading on your phone whenever you have a minute or two to kill. Hosted by Winksite.
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Symbian Briefs


Symbian Briefs This site is loaded with hundreds of tips for using Symbian phones and apps as well as reviews. Even experienced Symbian users can learn some new things from this site. I just discovered the N8’s hidden super macro mode.
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NCDOT Mobile The North Carolina Department Of Transportation’s new mobile site features real time traffic information including maps and alerts. The site is location aware and uses the HTML5 geolocation API, if available, to give information relevant to the user’s location. It also has Amtrak and ferry schedules and lets travelers search for nearby rest areas.
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The War Years

Shopping – Stores

The War Years A mobile web shop that offers a range of WWII related memorabilia and items such as clothing, music, movies, computer games and radio controlled model planes and tanks. Click to call or buy online with PayPal. UK only delivery. There are also some free WWII related mobile wallpaper downloads.
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CTA Train Tracker The Chicago Transit Authority’s new Mobile Train Tracker provides estimated arrival times for “L” trains based on a train’s current location and average time between stations.
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Internet A simple, fast, no-nonsense service for looking up domain registration details such as domain age, expiration date, nameservers, contact phone number, email and mailing addresses for .mobi sites only. Via:
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Today In History Displays a dozen or so notable events from the fields of history, politics, sports and entertainment that occurred on this, or any other day, in the past.via: MobiThinking
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Today In History

Social Networking

Never Eat Alone “Never Eat Alone”, That’s the motto of Dmitry Namiot’s latest HTML5 mobile web app. Vist it with any browser that supports geolocation (iPhone, Android, Opera 10.1) and the app displays a list of nearby cafes and restaurants. Tap one of the listings or enter the name on an unlisted one and instantly share a link  to a map showing where you are as well as how long you will be there using Twitter, Facebook or Email
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Mobion! A free mobile social network with chat, online games, photo sharing, blogs. You can personalize your Mobion with custom avatars and skins.
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Beer, Wine & Spirits

Organic Wine Find App Location aware Organic Wine Find mobile web app searches more than 30,000 organic wines to show you which ones are available at local stores. Can use your current position on geolocation capable devices. Also works on any phone by allowing you to enter a location to search.
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  2. Thank you so much for mentioning me! It means alot! I’m extremely excited about the movement of cellphone novels in North America and will do my best to make this happen. I have to apologize for the lack of updates on the winksite however, because things have been busy, there are now 200 more chapters available to read on textnovel mobile I’ll try to keep my winksite updated too though.

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