Slashdot’s Mobile Webapp

New Site Added to the Wap Review Mobile Directory   Mobile Link: Rating:Content  Usability  Doctype: HTML Home Page Weight: 333 KB Category: Tech News Description: Slashdot, the venerable (founded 1997) user powered tech and politics news site, which was recently acquired by, has a new mobile webapp. Slashdot stories, as well as polls, questions and book reviews, are submitted by users. Other users can vote stories up and down and leave and rate comments. Randomly selected user moderators label stories and comments … Continue reading

The Wrap’s Adaptive Mobile Design Works With All Mobile Browsers

New Site Added to the Wap Review Mobile Directory   Mobile Link: Rating:Content  Usability  Doctype: XHTML-MP Home Page Weight: 29-288 KB Category: Movies Description: Since its launch in 2009, The Wrap has quickly grown to become one of the most respected and popular sites covering Hollywood and the movie business. The Wrap was founded by author and former New York Times Hollywood correspondent, Sharon Waxman who currently serves as the site’s CEO and Editor in Chief The Wrap’s mobile version is an adaptive … Continue reading

New Site Added to the Wap Review Mobile Directory: SFist’s Responsive Magazine Style Design

New Site Added to the Wap Review Mobile Directory   Mobile Link: Rating:Content  Usability  Doctype: HTML Transitional Home Page Weight: 4437 KB Category: City and Campus Guides Description: Part of the Gothamist network of city blogs, SFist covers local news, food, art, entertainment and events for San Franciscans. Like the other Gothamist sites, SFist has a magazine style front page that uses responsive design techniques to adapt on the fly to all screen sizes from mobile (left image) to PC (right image). It’s one … Continue reading

March Madness In Your Mobile Browser – NCAA Tournament Webapps

The 2013 NCAA College Basketball Championships, better known as March Madness or the Big Dance, is about to begin. Easily the most popular college sports event in the US, March Madness is a pair of three week long long single elimination tournaments that pack 130 games into three weeks on non-stop action. This year’s madness starts March 19th for the men’s teams and March 23rd for the women. Many of the games happen during working hours posing a problem for fans whose employers block sports sites at … Continue reading

Webkit Based Opera Mobile Android Beta Now Available – First Impressions

Opera Software has released an initial Beta of a new version of the Opera Browser for Android that’s based on the open source Webkit browser engine instead of Opera’s own Presto engine.  Opera is winding down Presto development and will eventually use Webkit for all its products. The new release, called Opera 14 Beta, is available now in Google Play for devices running Android 2.3 and latter.  It was announced in a post today on the My Opera – Opera Mobile … Continue reading

Android and Me’s Mobile Design Adapts Well and Looks Good

New Site Added to the Wap Review Mobile Directory   Mobile Link: Rating:Content  Usability  Doctype: XHTML Transitional Home Page Weight: 776 KB Category: Android Description: Android and Me, which claims to be the largest Android community on the web, is a major Android specific news and tips site featuring Android news, phone, app and accessory reviews and tips, tricks and hacks for the Android user. It’s published by ad company, turned online publisher SAY Media, whose other properties include ReadWrite, Techdirt, and gdgt. The WordPress … Continue reading

Firefox Mobile 19 Gets Pinch to Reflow Text

Mozilla released Firefox 19 this week for Windows, OSx, Linux and Android.  The release notes list the new features in the Android release as: Support for more HTML5 and CSS3 features Themes support Support for Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese localizations Lower Minimum hardware requirements (600MHz CPU, 512 MB RAM, HVGA) to support more devices Bug fixes While I was poking around in the menus I noticed an option in the settings menu that  I don’t remember seeing before, “Pinch to reflow text“. It’s … Continue reading

A Linux User’s Nokia Lumia 920 Review – Part 4 The IE10 Mobile Browser

For me, the browser is the most used and most important app on any phone. Browsers have traditionally been a weak spot on Microsoft’s mobile platforms. But Windows Phone 8 is supposed to fix that with a brand new browser based on the core of Internet Explorer 10 on the desktop.  According to Microsoft, the new mobile browser, Internet Explorer 10 Mobile is supposed be a thoroughly modern browser with a fast JavaScript engine and excellent support for Web standards including a large set … Continue reading