How To Transfer Your Opera Link Speed Dial and Bookmarks to the Webkit Based Opera Android Browser

  Opera Software’s Webkit/Blink based Opera Browser for Android, currently at Version 16.0 keeps getting better with every release. I especially like it because it lets me try the latest Blink engine on my older Gingerbread phones that can’t run Chrome Browser. Although the Opera Browser is coming along well in terms of performance and stability it’s still lacking some basic features like the ability to edit, import or sync bookmarks. That’s because there’s no real support for the Opera … Continue reading

Review: Opera Browser Beta 16 for Android With Redesigned Off-Road Mode

  Opera Software has released an updated Beta of their Chrome/Webkit based Opera Browser for Android. According to Opera the changes in this version include: Chromium upgrade to version 29 Compression method change in Off-road mode Improvements in download manager Improved NFC communication Various stability and performance fixes The biggest change is the one to off-road mode. In previous Opera Browser for Android versions Off-road mode was essentially Opera Mini. JavaScript, HTML and CSS were parsed and rendered in the … Continue reading

Webkit Based Opera Browser 14 For Android Released, Overwrites Opera Mobile 12.1

On Monday Opera Software released Opera Browser 14. This is the first non-Beta Opera browser to be based on the open source WebKit layout engine rather than Opera’s legacy in-house Presto engine. Opera Browser 14 uses a very recent 537.71 version of WebKit. That’s even newer than the WebKit  version used by the Chrome browser for Android. And unlike Chrome, which requires Android 4.0 or later, Opera Browser 14 runs on Android 2.3 and later bringing the benefits of the … Continue reading

Opera Mini For Android Updated Again To Fix Font Size Issue

On Monday Opera Software released Opera Mini 7.5.2 for Android. It was mostly a bug fix release but also included font changes. I noticed that the fonts on many sites were smaller in the new release. The new fonts made text on the effected sites hard to read and I immediately went back to the previous 7.5.1 version. Play Store reviews of the new version were largely negative as were comments on Opera’s own forums. Today Opera released Opera Mini … Continue reading

Opera Mini For Android Updated to Version 7.5.2

Opera Software has updated Opera Mini for Android. Opera calls the new release 7.5.2, although the version number on the browser’s Help > About screen is 7.5.33286. The previous 7.5.1 version was 7.5.32193 internally. According to a post by an Opera employee on the My Opera – Opera Mini Forum the changes in this release are: Improved font calculation method Improved fonts for hi-res devices Page layout improvements Various stabilization fixes I upgraded to the new release on several devices. There definitely are some … Continue reading

Webkit Based Opera Mobile Android Beta Now Available – First Impressions

Opera Software has released an initial Beta of a new version of the Opera Browser for Android that’s based on the open source Webkit browser engine instead of Opera’s own Presto engine.  Opera is winding down Presto development and will eventually use Webkit for all its products. The new release, called Opera 14 Beta, is available now in Google Play for devices running Android 2.3 and latter.  It was announced in a post today on the My Opera – Opera Mobile … Continue reading

Firefox Mobile 19 Gets Pinch to Reflow Text

Mozilla released Firefox 19 this week for Windows, OSx, Linux and Android.  The release notes list the new features in the Android release as: Support for more HTML5 and CSS3 features Themes support Support for Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese localizations Lower Minimum hardware requirements (600MHz CPU, 512 MB RAM, HVGA) to support more devices Bug fixes While I was poking around in the menus I noticed an option in the settings menu that  I don’t remember seeing before, “Pinch to reflow text“. It’s … Continue reading

Opera Mini For Android Updated to Version 7.5.1

Opera Mini for Android was updated to version 7.5.1 today. This updates fixes several bugs: Improved connection stability Improved NFC support Page layout improvements Various stabilization fixes I applied the update on an Motorola M855 Photon running Android 2.3.4. The update was painless and all my bookmarks, speed dials, saved pages and settings were  retained. The previous 7.5 version of Opera mini was reasonably stable on this device but once in a great while it did freeze or force close. Hopefully this update … Continue reading