Picking The AppCircus Finalists

I just finished  my stint  helping select the 10 finalists for the AppCircus that will be held at the Mobile 2.0 Europe Developers Conference in Barcelona June 17th. The AppCircus is a traveling showcase of new, innovative mobile applications that are presented in front of a live audience with the winners chosen by popular vote. My role was that of one of  32 mobile developers, bloggers and analysts who picked and ranked their favorite 10 apps from 29 contenders. The … Continue reading

Developers – Demo Your Mobile App At AppCircus – Entries Are Free

This year’s Mobile 2.0 Europe conference will feature  AppCircus, which is a great opportunity for mobile application developers. Entries are free. If your app is one of the 10 selected, you will have 3 minutes on stage to present to fellow developers and industry experts during the Mobile 2.0 Europe conference. The conference audience will nominate one app for the prestigious Mobile Premier Awards to be held during the 2011 Mobile World Congress. The developers applying for the AppCircus will … Continue reading