PopUps Spoil $20/Month Unlimited PrePaid Data

Last week I wrote about ATT’s new prepaid data offer, $19.99/month for unlimited 3G. Naturally, I had to try this out so here are my experiences. It generally works very well. There is one issue, though and it’s so stupid I have a hard time believing it. After every data use a Network Service Message pops up on the phone telling you how much you spent and what your balance is. None of the other US prepaid carriers do this, … Continue reading

ATT’s $20/month unlimited HSDPA Pay As You GO

Update: As of Nov. 2008, this package is no longer available! AT&T’s $20/moth prepaid data add-on now includes only100 MB. See AT&T Pulling the Plug on Unlimited Prepaid Data! for more details. It looks like we finally have unlimited data in the US on a prepaid plan, and it includes 3G. ATT is now offering an unlimited data Feature Pack at $19.99 per month to GoPhone Pay As You Go users. This particular option was previously only available to customers … Continue reading