The Best US Prepaid Data Deals

This post is no longer updated! Please visit to read the latest version. Last update: 26-Nov-2010. What’s new: Prepaid Android phones from Virgin Mobile, Cricket and MetroPCS, T-Mobile Web Day Pass, overpriced monthly prepaid smartphone plans from Verizon, $0.10/min calls on AT&T prepaid. Prepaid mobile plans are a great way to save on voice and SMS but what about data? Using data on prepaid here in the U.S. will require making some compromises. Reasonably priced prepaid data options are … Continue reading

Using Fonic For Prepaid Data In Germany

Earlier this week WOMWorld Nokia sent me to Berlin for Microsoft Tech.Ed Europe. Naturally I needed to have data service on my N8 for the trip.  My T-Mobile US prepaid SIM doesn’t allow voice or data roaming anywhere outside of North America and even if it did I can’t afford the obscene rates that US operators charge for roaming.  So I did what I always do when traveling internationally which is to try and buy a local prepaid SIM as … Continue reading

Updated: T-Mobile USA’s Prepaid Web Daypass – Now Available For Android

Updated 26-Nov-2010 The Web Daypass now works on all phones including Android devices. T-Mobile introduced a new Web Day Pass option for its prepaid users this week.  It provides 24 hours of unlimited data access for $1.49.  While its a little pricey for everyday use, it should come in handy for travelers or anyone else needing to use data occasionally.  To activate the day pass you just open the browser and try to load a page and you will be … Continue reading

US Mobile Data and Voice Options For Travelers

This post is no longer updated! Please click here to read the latest version at I get a lot of questions in comments on what options visitors to the US have for using a local SIM to avoid the exorbitant international roaming charges that almost all operators charge. So here’s a break down of the easiest and best value options for visitors. As it’s difficult for travelers to order online and  have a SIM shipped internationally, I’ve limited this … Continue reading

Updated: The Good and the Bad – New Prepaid Data Options From Sprint, T-Mobile

Updated 16-May-2010; new Virgin Mobile plans can be used with any Virgin Mobile US handset. One thing that’s been holding back the adoption of  mobile web services in the US is the lack of affordable data,  or in some cases,  any data at all on prepaid mobile plans.  It looks like that is about to change with both T-Mobile and Sprint expected to roll out new data options for prepaid users this month. Sprint’s new offer looks pretty good.  Starting … Continue reading

ATT’s $20/month unlimited HSDPA Pay As You GO

Update: As of Nov. 2008, this package is no longer available! AT&T’s $20/moth prepaid data add-on now includes only100 MB. See AT&T Pulling the Plug on Unlimited Prepaid Data! for more details. It looks like we finally have unlimited data in the US on a prepaid plan, and it includes 3G. ATT is now offering an unlimited data Feature Pack at $19.99 per month to GoPhone Pay As You Go users. This particular option was previously only available to customers … Continue reading