Fortune Magazine’s Hidden Mobile Blogs

The prestigious global business magazine Fortune stands proudly on the newsstand, the only brand vissible on its cover is the Fortune name in a large font. Fortune’s iPad app also flies the magazine’s logo big and bold on its start page It’s different on the Web.  When you type the URL into your browser you are redirected to The logo at the top of the page is that of CNNMoney with the Fortune’s name below it. That kind … Continue reading

Two Indian Financial News Sites

Thanks to Naiyer at for recommending this pair of Indian financial and business news mobile sites.  India is a very interesting area for global as well as Indian investors. The country’s GNP is growing at a rate of over 9% a year making it one of the fastest growing major economies in the world.  These two mobile sites along with The Economic Times, offer the best and most detailed information and analysis of Indian business trends and news on … Continue reading