How to Set Up Gmail and Google Sync on the N8

Update: Google pulled the plug on S60 mail and calendar sync for most users in 2013. If you set it up before 30-Jan-2013 it Gmail sync should still work .  However since 30-Jan-2013, only Google Apps for Work, Education, and Government customers can set up new Gmail sync accounts on S60. Source: Google Sync End of Life – Google Apps Administrator Help I’m really liking the N8 I got at last week’s Nokia Developer Day. The hardware and screen are … Continue reading

Google Tasks For Mobile Released

Yesterday Google launched a mobile web version of  their Beta Tasks web application. Tasks is a Google Labs product currently.  Before you can use it on your phone you have to first go into the “standard” (not basic HTML) desktop version of gMail, click on “Settings” and then on the “Labs” tab and enable Tasks. On the full web, Google Tasks is integrated into Gmail.  The mobile version is a stand alone page.  To view it visit (in some … Continue reading