Nokia N9 Browser Review

The Web browser  is the first thing I check out on any new phone. I’ve been using the browser on the N9 quite heavily for the last week.  Read on for my extensive review including a video of the browser in action. The N9 Browser User Interface: Like just about everything in the Swipe UI, the browser’s interface is minimalistic but highly usable. There is a narrow, unmovable docked panel at the top of the screen (image above, left) that contains a combined address/search field … Continue reading

MeeGo Conference – Steady OS Progress But No New Handsets

My mobile dream is a handset with the full power of desktop Linux and X-Server. I saw that realized with Nokia’s Maemo. The N900 was an amazing device when it was introduced 3 years ago. But today it’s starting to show its age in areas like performance, screen technology and unfashionable thickness. I was very excited to have the opportunity to attend the MeeGo Conference in San Francisco because  I expected that the N900’s successor would released or at least … Continue reading