An Bookmarklet for Mobile Browsers

As I posted a while ago I’m a big fan of, an open source micro-blogging site.  It’s a little like Twitter but non-commercial, ad-free and free (as in free beer AND free speech). Recently launched a major redesign of their desktop and mobile web apps.  There was quite a bit of downtime during and immediately after the update but stability seems to have returned to normal.  But some things still aren’t working. For one, in Opera Mini, the login … Continue reading

Moving From Twitter to – Mobile Clients

On Friday Ryan Sarver, Twitter’s Product Manager for the Platform / API team dropped a bomb on third party Twitter app developers with a post on the “Twitter API Announcement” Google Group that included the chilling line “…developers ask us if they should build client apps that mimic or reproduce the mainstream Twitter consumer client experience,” he wrote. The answer is no.” Sarver’s statement was echoed  by recent changes in Twitter’s terms of service. Techcrunch did a comparison of the … Continue reading