Japan’s Biggest Mobile Social Network Goes Global

MobaMingle (m.mbmgl.com) is the English version of Mobile Game Town, Japan’s biggest (10 million members) mobile-only social network. It seems to be a pretty literal translation of the Japanese original, both in look and feel and in most of the features. Mobamingle has the usual trappings of other mobile social networks, messaging, groups, blogs, friends and a “wall” but adds only-in-Japan features like anime style avatars and user created mobile novels. One thing missing is the signature element of Mobile … Continue reading

More Mobile Transit Sites

I’m a confirmed public transit user. When I can’t walk or ride my bike, I take local buses, trains and ferries.  With global warming and ever rising oil prices we should all be trying to limit our driving by making at least some of our trips on public transportation.  Transit, a least when it’s working right, is a great way to get around in cities.  But it can be pretty frustrating too.  Like waiting an hour for a bus only … Continue reading