mKhoj Is Now InMobi – Mobile Ad Biz Booming

WapReview advertiser mKhoj has re-branded itself as InMobi (press release).  The name change coincides with the firm’s entry into the European mobile ad market.  As mKhoj, the Bangalore based mobile advertising network had focused primarily on Asia and Africa. The mobile web advertising business is certainly ramping up.  More and more companies, both traditional web advertising networks and start-ups like InMobi, are entering the market. Some analysts might argue that the field is getting too crowded and that a shakeout … Continue reading

End of An Era: AvantGo Shutting Down

AvantGo was a pioneer in bringing the web to mobile devices. It started out in 1997 as a offline browser for Palm and Windows Mobile. Back in the day I used it extensively to keep my Handspring Visor filled with the latest web content for reading on my long commute on the train. The drill with AvantGo was, first go to, login and search for the “channels” you wanted to read on your PDA. There were hundreds of channels … Continue reading

Carnival of the Mobilists 157 at mjelly

James Cooper at mjelly has just posted the latest Carnival of the Mobilists.  Illustrated with some nice Carnival photos,  it features 21 great posts on mobile topics. The recession seems to have gotten a lot of the mobilists thinking about business models, marketing and advertising as they relate to mobile. This Carnival is loaded with posts on these bread and butter topics.  Not that it’s dominated by economic issues,  there are plenty of pieces on other aspects of the mobile … Continue reading