tnkgrl Mobile – Great Gadget Reviews and Hacks

Thanks to now automatically generating a mobile formatted version of all hosted blogs, one of my favorite mobile and gadget sites, tnkgrl Mobile, is finally mobile friendly! tnkgrl always seems to get the latest phones, netbooks and tablets before anyone else.  Not only does she unbox, review, photograph and video her review units in exhaustive detail but she also takes them apart, hacks and unlocks them. Only tnkgrl will show you how to add internal Bluetooth and a 3G … Continue reading

MIR Reborn? The Really Mobile Project and Mobile Developer TV Launch

My favorite mobile blog for the last few years was SMS Text News (later renamed Mobile Industry Review, MIR for short) I thoroughly enjoyed Ewan MacLeod‘s brutally honest, scathing but hilarious put downs of  “rubbish, bullocks and fluking useless” mobile devices and services.  It got even better when Ewan added James Whatley, Ben Smith and  Dan Lane to the team and put them to work doing weekly long format video podcasts that were both entertaining and full of insights and … Continue reading