Try the New XTGem Mobile Site Builder v2 Beta

Mobile site builder XTGem has been growing by leaps and bounds. According to CEO Povilas Musteikis, the free service now has nearly a million users. Of course not all are active but about 100,000 of XTGem’s user sites generate page views every day. Total page views are running about 300 million per month and traffic is growing by 20% per month. XTGem is built around an easy to use template driven site generator/editor. It’s quite powerful with features like the … Continue reading

CTIA: Netbiscuits’ Mobile Web Developer Challenge

Germany’s Netbiscuits seems to be one of the more prolific and successful mobile web development shops.  This year they built and are hosting three Yahoo Sports sites, March Madness, Beijing Olympics and the new Fantasy Football site launched last week.  In addition to Yahoo, Netbiscuits is used by eBay, AOL, Nokia, Land Rover, Germany’s BILD newspaper and Spiegel magazine, European TV conglomerate RTL, Japan’s toy and game company Konami and Sixt (a big European car rental company), 80% of the … Continue reading