Using a $63 Palm Pixi+ on Prepaid For $2.50 per month

I just posted an item on Prepaid Phone News about using a closeout Palm Pixi Plus on the US prepaid MVNO PagePlus.  These phones are going for $65 or less brand new on Amazon and elsewhere.  They are Verizon CDMA models and as far as I know won’t work on any operator except Verizon or an MVNO that uses the Verizon network like PagePlus. However, the Pixi Plus has WiFi and it’s possible to use one for app development or … Continue reading

How to Increase the Font Size in the WebOS Browser

I picked up my first WebOS device last week. It’s a Palm Pixi Plus for Verizon which is being closed out for around $69 on Amazon and elsewhere. I got the Pixi mainly for testing web sites in the WebOS browser using WiFi. I activated it on PagePlus Cellular, a Verizon prepaid MVNO which only requires a $10 refill every 120 days to keep your account active. The per minute and per text rates are pretty low too although data … Continue reading