Google Wallet – Poised to Dominate Payments?

At last week’s Sprint Open Solutions Conference I got my first look at Google Wallet, the search and advertising company’s mobile payment system. Wallet is the first large scale mobile payment system released to the general public in the US. Here’s my take on how it works and what it means. The Samsung Nexus S 4G on the Sprint network is the first, and so far the only, phone that works with Google Wallet. It contains an NXP PN65 NFC … Continue reading

Sprint’s M2M Focus A Hit With Developers and Business

I spent the last few days at Sprint’s Open Solutions Conference and came away impressed with the way the wireless operator is working with developers and entrepreneurs who are building machine-to-machine (M2M) services on top of the Sprint network. M2M refers to automated data communication between devices. M2M devices typically aren’t phones.  Well know examples include the connected Kindle and “smart” power meters, but there are hundreds of other ways M2M is being used to in business, technology and for fun hacks. I spoke … Continue reading