Found On The Mobile Web #249

Found on the Mobile Web is a regular WAP Review feature listing newly added and updated sites on the mobile portal and WapReview mobile site directory. With these latest additions the directory and portal now list 2367 mobile sites.

Tech A news and information site focusing on Windows Live. Features interviews with Microsoft product team members and news on Windows Live and the Windows Live Platform, Bing, Silverlight, Azure and Windows Phone.
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Search/Local/City and Campus Guides

Dublin Bikes 2 Go

Dublin Bikes 2 Go! Dublin Bikes is an automated bicycle sharing sytem in Dublin Ireland. Dublin Bikes 2Go! is a geolocation aware mobile web app that lets users find the nearest Dublin Bikes’ location where they can pick up or drop off a bike. It well with Opera Mini,and most modern smartphone browsers. This unofficial site uses info from the official site.
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Tech/Tech News Sites and Blogs

Jeremy Visser

Jeremy Visser Tech blog by an Australian hacker, bassoon player and proponent of free and open source software. Updated regularly, the blog covers topics ranging from Linux, Ubuntu and Python to WordPress, Google, Tech Events and learning to drive a car.
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Gooplusplus Mobile portal and multi search engine with a very compact layout composed of over 100 tightly packed links per page. Includes various Google category searches as well as general and targeted searches from other search engines. Requires JavaScript and iFrame support. Interesting idea but hard to use on touch screen devices.
Content: **** Usability: XXX



b-initials Longtime Ubuntu community contributor and Ubuntu Forum moderator Isabelle Duchatelle’s (bapoumba), blog featuring Ubuntu news and tips and tutorials for free and open software users.
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following Real Madrid

following Real Madrid Sports blog for fans of the Real Madrid soccer football team with photos, videos and gossip about the team and players.
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NewsDze-Zimbabwe Latest Zimbabwe political, social and entertainment news written by and for members of the Zimbabwean expatriate community.
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Entertainment and Leisure/Games

My Nintendo News

My Nintendo News News blog with reviews, rumors and product announcements for and about Nintendo games, the Nintendo Wii and U game consoles and Nintendo 3DS handheld gaming system.
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Search/Job Search

Intuit Jobs

Intuit Jobs Job search site for Intuit Inc., a large US financial services and software company (Turbotax, Quicken, QuickTax, QuickBooks). Intuit hires for positions at numerous locations in the US and Canada as well as Bangalore, India and Maidenhead, England.
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Tech/Internet/Web Design & Development

brad frost web

brad frost web New York City-based web developer, designer, musician and artist Brad Frost’s well crafted site adapts to all screen widths. It features his portfolio, drum and bass music tracks and his blog on web and mobile design.and development topics.
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