Latest UC Browser 9.5 (Signed Java Version) Modified to Remove the Virtual Keypad On Samsung, LG and Other Touchscreen Phones

UC 91 With Virtual Keypad UC 91 Without Virtual Keypad

I did a post a while ago explaining how to modify Opera Mini’s jad file to hide the unneeded touch keypad that displays at the bottom of the screen on some touchscreen phones. The post included a link to the modified Opera Mini. I received a request asking for a copy of the latest signed Java version of UC Browser modified to hide the keypad.

The process for modifying the UC Browser or any other Java app is exactly the same as what was described in the original post:

1.Download the app’s jad file to a PC. You can get UC Browser jad files (signed or unsigned ) at

2. Open the downloaded .jad with a text editor or Windows Wordpad

3. Scroll to the bottom of the file and paste in the following lines:

Nokia-MIDlet-No-Exit: true
Nokia-MIDlet-On-Screen-Keypad: no
Navi-Key-Hidden: true
UseNativeTextButtons: hide
ReverseSoftkeys: hide
UseNativeCommands: hide
MIDlet-Touch-Support: true
MIDlet-ScreenMode: ROTATE
MIDlet-Landscape-Support: true
LGE-MIDlet-Width: 240
LGE-MIDlet-Height: 400
LGE-MIDlet-On-Screen-Keypad: no
LGE-MIDlet-Display-Mode: both
ATT-MIDlet-VirtualKeypad-Use: No

4. Upload the file to a file sharing service that is easy to use in your phone browser. 

5. Visit your file’s url with your phone browser and click the modified mini.jad link to download it to your phone.

If that didn’t work or you don’t have a PC or are just in a hurry, here’s are links to the latest signed version of the UC browser as well as some older versions.

Latest Version

UC Browser 9.5 (20-Jul-2014) The latest UC Browser release. According to UC, new features are:

  • Fixed the problem of large file sizes not being shown correctly when downloading;
  • Fixed the problem of users not being able to go to the right page by typing a page number on UC Forum.

Download the modified UC Browser 9.5 jad at:  ( is a free Java ME app store that I built. I will be hosting my Java downloads there instead of to avoid duplication and save disk space)
Short Link:

To install, go to with your phone’s browser.

Older Versions:

UC Browser 9.4 (16-Nov-2013) The latest “full” UC Browser release. According to UC, new features are: watching Youtube now is supported on more phone models, the problem of automatically logging-out from some websites has been solved, smaller app size for a faster startup speed, and touch-screen phone models can now preview uploaded pictures Download the modified UC Browser 9.4 jad at:
Short Link:

To install, go to with your phone’s browser.

UC Browser 9.3 (24-Sept-2013) A “full” (non-cloud) UC Browser release. According to UC, the new features in this version are: a smaller install package,  user interface changes, increased stability and two new themes.

Download the modified UC Browser 9.3 jad at:
Short Link:

To install, go to with your phone’s browser.

UC Browser 9.2 (5-Aug-2013) A “full” (non-cloud) UC Browser release. New features: smaller file Size, optimized night mode, new hot words search, password saving on HTTPS webpages is now supported.

Download the modified UC Browser 9.2 jad at:
Short Link:

To install, go to with your phone’s browser.

UC Browser 9.1 (25-Jun-2013) A “full” (non-cloud) UC Browser release. New features include: bitmap fonts let you read  pages in Arabic, Persian, Urdu, and Hindi, even if your phone doesn’t support these languages, support for the Bengali language , support for  eMule and FTP downloads  and bug fixes.

Download the modified UC Browser 9.1 jad at:
Short Link:

To install, go to with your phone’s browser.

UC Browser 9.0 (25-Apr-2013) A “full” (non-cloud) UC Browser release. New features include: Fast Video and Audio Playing using the UDisk cloud service,  password manager works on more sites including Facebook and GMail,  improved usability especially on touch screen phones and bug fixes.

Download the modified UC Browser 9.0 jad at:
Short Link:

To install, go to with your phone’s browser.

UC Browser 8.9 (29-Jan-2012) A “full” (non-cloud) UC Browser release. New features include: Incognito Browsing, Improved Search Bar, Select and Copy and Optimized Text Input

Download the modified UC Browser 8.9 jad at:

UC Browser 8.8 (25-Dec-2012) Another “full” (non-cloud) UC Browser release. New features include: increased download speed, customizable shortcut keys and an improved File Manager.

Download the modified UC Browser 8.8 jad at:

UC Browser 8.7 (7-Nov-2012) This is a “full” (non-cloud) UC Browser release. New features include: users can switch between multiple accounts when signing in to a website, long press the OK button to invoke the Actions menu, users can save pages directly without changing the page name.

Download the modified UC Browser 8.7 jad at:

UC Browser 8.6. (20-Sept-2012): This is a “full (non-cloud) UC Browser release.  New features in this release are: full offline download support with synchronous status shown in the download manager, you can now preview the images before uploading,  “clear all history” option before exiting UC Browser added, new options to disable the virtual keyboard, faster uploads  and display of the upload speed in KB/sec while uploading. This version uses the new user interface from the cloud version with different menus for touch screen and non touch screen phones

Download the modified UC Browser 8.6 jad at:

UC Cloud Browser 8.5 (6-Sept-2012): This is first non-Beta version of the UC Cloud Browser, a redesign of the original UC browser optimized for smaller download size and faster page loads.   New features in this release are: new user interface with different menus for touch screen and non touch screen phones. Supports copy and paste in the URL bar and all input fields. New screen brightness setting. New share image on Facebook feature. New Game Center free game download store.

I’ve posted the modified UC Cloud Browser 8.5 jad at:

UC Browser 8.4 (23-Jul-2012):. Major changes are: simplified theme installation, the traffic statistics display is back, the link to browsing history has been moved to the top of the bookmarks page and a there’s a new Tools > Phone menu option for making phone call or send a texts from within the browser. See my review for more about 8.4: UC Browser 8.4 for Java Released With Bug Fixes, New Features.

Download UC Browser 8.4 at:

UC Browser 8.3 Beta (7-Jun-2012): New features include; UDisk cloud based storage and the App Gallery, a new home screen tab providing quick access to UDisk, bookmark backup and restore and the Quick Reads news deader.

Download UC Browser 8.3 Beta at:

UC Browser 8.2 Production (non-Beta) (20-Apr-2012): New features include a built in RSS reader and bookmark backup and restore. See my review for more details.

Download UC Browser 8.2 at:

UC Browser 8.2 Beta (21-Mar-2012): It features many enhancements and bug fixes see my review for details. This is the latest patch release that adds swipe navigation and fixes a bug that made entering URLs on bada phones impossible:

Download UC Browser 8.2 Beta at:

UC Browser 8.0 (1-Feb-2012):

Download UC Browser 8.0 at:

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  1. Hello Sir, Please kindly help me.. I can’t open the page which i was usually visit to download music, it goes “Its seems error occured” Possibly reason: this site is temporary unavailable. Please try it later. I tried troubleshooting some simple techiques by clearing cache and so on, and even changing the URL. But nothings happened, im still facing same problem. Please help me. Thank you..

  2. Thanks you so much help download chines version i am great full thank you this post i want your help download black mart alpha alternative apps please reply this post. (Link to 3rd party app store removed),

  3. My phone name is gionee L700. It is a java phone, can you please tell which uc browser will be best

  4. what is code to install app and games to samsung b312e
    like other phone to open this menu
    OTA type settings
    like this *
    but for samsung b312e
    iwant to install java games to this phone

  5. Make uc browser for my sm-b312e below 200 kb bigger version than 7.2 in jar/jad format

  6. I was using uc 8.5 java,I love this version…
    but by mistake it got deleted..
    pls give me uc 8.5 w/o virtual keypad jar link, bcos jad file is showing illegal java authorisation error !

    • The certificate has expired. You may be able to get 8.5 to load by setting your phone’s date back to late 2012 temporarily. If that doesn’t work you can modify the jad to remove the signature lines (lines starting with MIDlet-Jar-RSA-SHA1: and MIDlet-Certificate-1-1: and MIDlet-Certificate-1-2:)

    • The LG 370 is not a touchscreen phone so you don’t need this version. Try downloading UC Browser directly from UC by visiting using your phone’s built in browser.

  7. sir
    how do mode my uc .jar file?
    means how do i change its class,name,logo etc from my pc?

    matt farell

    • Open the jar with 7-Zip. Open META-INF/MANIFEST.MF with a text editor. Change the name (MIDlet-Name). Logo will be the .png file listed on the MIDlet-1: Save MANIFEST.MF. Replace the logo .png file with yours. In the 7-ZIp File menu Close the jar.

  8. I can not install any versions of ucbrowser. Please help me what is then reason while i cannot did it. Thank you

  9. hello…my phone is samsung gt s8600 and the download link all of them shows the error message ie. certificate error expired.. pls hlp me….

  10. this software is no installd in my phone i am 5or6 time tring but nathig installd in gt-b5722

  11. This application is also fullscreen no my samsung gt-s5222.

    I tried and edited jad file of uc v9.4.1 as suggested & uploaded on the edited file but didnt start instillation & says auth. certificate is expired
    pls give me suggestion how will it work! :-)

  12. Can you please make a handler uc browser to a signed version.
    It’ll be very helpful.
    Thank you.

    • That’s not possible.
      When you modify an app’s jar file, which Handler does, the signature is no longer valid and the app needs to be resigned.
      To be able to sign apps you need to be able to convince the signing authority that you created the app and pay a fee of about $500/year. Neither I or Handler created UC browser so neither of use can get a signing certificate even if we were willing to pay.

  13. OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DOING THIS. It means so much to a guy who owns an LG 840g with that stupid fat 100-pixel arrow board covering everything up.

  14. ma mibile is samsung gt-c3222, i have already used uc browser jaba 9.1 successfully before few months but as on today if i download any version of java say 9.1 or 9.2 then, it show testing network error and many times its it starts the “Testing Netwok” but never finishes and i forcefully have to cancel it everytime …..


  15. Please on my uc browser for blackberry ; it keeps saying error when I click on download for something . Please can you do something about that , ’cause it is really frustrating .

    • The UC Browser versions on this page are not intended for BlackBerrys and will not work properly on them. Download the BlacKBerry version of UC Browser by visiting with the BlackBerry’s built in browser. For help with the UC Browser for BlackBerry visit the UC Browser Forum’s BlacKBerry section.

  16. @Dennis..I’m using a blackberry curve 9320 there any update for my phone coz I currently have uc browser 8.1 version ..when I try 2 install any version from the post..I get an erro….as it about to install.. I’m not happy with my downloading speed ..12kb maximum..

  17. Sir plz leave me a uc web for samsung e2652 im trying all uc browsers but when it starts it shows error!and where to download it

  18. sir can i get handler of uc browser and opera for my samsung java phone. I dont want any touch keypad that is displayed on the bottom of the screen. Plz help

  19. Hi dude.. I can help you…
    Try and find an android app named–
    Java runtime environment.apk..
    After u install this all java files wi work ….
    But this app is not available on google play…
    U will have to download this from a local android market…..

  20. Thanks buddie …
    This really works…
    I want to know if we can edit any java app the same to make it comfortable for us.
    Plz help me with this matter…

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