Latest UC Browser 9.5 (Signed Java Version) Modified to Remove the Virtual Keypad On Samsung, LG and Other Touchscreen Phones


I did a post a while ago explaining how to modify Opera Mini’s jad file to hide the unneeded touch keypad that displays at the bottom of the screen on some touchscreen phones. The post included a link to the modified Opera Mini. I received a request asking for a copy of the latest signed Java version of UC Browser modified to hide the keypad. The process for modifying the UC Browser or any other Java app is exactly the same as what was described in the original … Continue reading

How To Hide the Opera Mini 8 Virtual Keypad On Samsung, LG and Other Touchscreen Phones


When the Java ME version of the Opera Mini Browser is running on many touch screen phones, an unnecessary virtual keypad appears at the bottom of the screen (image above left). The keypad wastes space, looks ugly and isn’t needed with touch aware apps like Opera Mini. The keypad is not part of Opera Mini. It’s something your phone adds because it doesn’t recognize that Opera Mini is optimized for touch. There are several ways to get rid of the virtual keypad … Continue reading

Opera Mini 7.1 For Java ME and BlackBerry Released

Today Opera Software released new versions of the Opera Mini Browser for feature phones with Java ME support and for BlackBerrys running OS 4.2.1 for latter. The new release adds several of frequntly requested features to Opera Mini’s download manager. The new features in the release are: Downloads can now be paused and resumed. You can even pause a download, exit Opera Mini and resume the download the next time you launch the browser. Smaller files (up to around 15 MB) … Continue reading

Opera Mini 7.0 Now Available For Java ME, BlackBerry and S60

Opera Software has just announced the availability of version 7.0 of the Opera Mini browser for Java ME, BlackBerry and Symbian S60 second edition and latter including all Nokia Belle devices. Opera sent me a pre-release copy of the Java ME version earlier today. Here are my initial impressions. Opera Mini 7.0 is the release version of the Opera Mini Next Beta, that launched three months ago. It contains many bug fixes and stability improvements, but no new features compared with Opera Mini … Continue reading

New UC Browser 8.2 Adds RSS Reader and Bookmark Backup and Restore

A new 8.2 final version of the UC Browser was released today for Java ME and Symbian 3rd edition and latter. It includes two new features, dubbed Quick Reads and Bookmark Synchronization . Quick Reads is a built in RSS reader.  It displays item headlines with descriptions and thumbnail images from your choice of over 100 popular news sources. Click a headline to read the original article on the source site. Available feeds range from The Economist and the New York Times to E! … Continue reading

UC Browser 8.2 Java Update Adds Swipe Navigation and Fixes the bada URL Bug

UC Mobile has released an update to the UC Browser 8.2 Beta for Java phones. The  only reported changes in this version are: A fix for the bug that prevented users from entering URLs on Samsung bada phones. On touch screen phones users can now swipe left and right to go backward and forward though session history. A fix for a bug on some phones where the soft keys didn’t work when copying text from a Web page (free copy). I tested … Continue reading

New UC Browser 8.2 Java Beta Adds QWERTY Shortcuts, Restores Some Missing Features

UC Mobile has released a new 8.2 Beta version of the UC Browser for Java ME. Here’s a list of what’s new in this version compared to the previous 8.0 Beta: Smoother. Although this version is 20 KB larger than the last version, it’s optimized to run more smoothly and use less memory. Share current page to Facebook  – Menu>Actions>Share>Facebook (image above, left) Find in page (Menu>Tools>Find in page)-  lets you can find words and phrases in the current page. The search … Continue reading