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One of the ways that companies try cut costs is by making it hard to reach a customer support representatives. Some of the tricks they use include hard to find support numbers, forcing callers into obtuse automated help systems and long hold times.

If you have ever been frustrated trying to get support for a product or service, GetHuman is the site for you.

Created in 2006 by co-founder Paul English, GetHuman is a crowd sourced directory listing the best customer service numbers for thousands of companies around the world. In many cases GetHuman is able to provide a number that bypasses self service and takes you straight to a live representative. Where that’s not possible, GetHuman tells you which buttons to push or phrases to say cut quickly through the interactive voice response (IVR) system and reach a human. The site also lists company’s email support addresses and live chat URLs.

GetHuman’s mobile webapp works well in smartphone browsers and with proxy browsers like Opera Mini. The relatively¬†heavy page weight may be an issue with legacy mobile browsers or for users on metered data plans.


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