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Founded in January, 2012 by former TechCrunch reporter Sarah Lacy, PandoDaily has quickly grown to be one of the top news sites covering Silicon Valley and the startup scene.

Like virtually every other news site and blog in the world, PandoDaily is built with WordPress. Unlike the majority of WordPress sites, Pando uses a Responsive Web Design inspired custom theme that adapts on the fly to mobile, tablet and PC browsers.

The design, by Sara Cannon generally works well. As the browser viewport gets smaller, PandoDaily’s signature “Ticker” timeline of breaking news mini-posts moves from the sidebar to below the main content. At the same time, the five column “Week in Review” footer reformats as a single column to fit smaller screens.

In my testing, PandoDaily looked good and worked well in the Android and iOS browsers, Opera Mini and Mobile, Firefox Mobile and Nokia’s S40 Xpress browser, across viewports ranging from 1680px to 128px in width. However, the site’s 3MB page weight will not be appreciated by users who pay for data by the KB.


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