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MobileRead, a very active blog and forum dedicated to finding and using eBook and Web content on mobile devices has a new mobile website at

The mobile edition has practically the entire content of the full version of MobileRead. You will find lots of good items about eBook readers, formats and sources of eBooks. Also tips on how to convert books to different mobile formats and getting the most from handheld devices. The focus is on dedicated book reading devices like the Kindle but there is also coverage of eBooks on phones and PDAs.

MobileRead also offers a library of about 1000 free  eBooks for download. Source:

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  1. MobileRead has nearly 10,000 books in a variety of formats. It is a wonderful site for books, discusion of technology, and just having fun with friends. Yes, I am affiliated with MobileRead, but would have said that before I became a moderator there. Thanks for the good review.


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